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Aluminium Extrusion Fabrication


Our three CNC aluminium machining centres, in addition to giving us the capability to machine extrusions up to 7200mm in length, also give us the capacity to accommodate large bespoke projects and high volume production runs. In fact, we welcome all types and sizes of project. Furthermore we are just as comfortable working on customers’ free issue extrusion, as we are with our own supplied extrusion.


Our continual investment in our services has seen us recently add an additional Elumatec SBZ150 to our portfolio, allowing us to reduce fabrication times and increase our capacity further. The Elumatec SBZ150 not only has the ability to machine 7200mm extrusions on 5 axes in one operation, it can also cut complex mitres and chamfers on the ends of extrusions at the same time.

With a saw blade incorporated in to the machine we are also able to machine and part off components in the same operation. This means we can produce small components in relatively large volumes at an extremely competitive rate.

Without the need to re-index the material when machining long pieces of extrusion we can guarantee a consistent accuracy along the length and a higher quality standard.

AAD Ltd Advanced Aluminium Design | Extrusion | Fabrication
AAD Ltd Advanced Aluminium Design | Extrusion | Fabrication

The SBZ122 can machine extrusions up to 6000mm in length and can work on 3 faces in the same operation. Pneumatic CNC stops allow us to machine long lengths of extrusion in one machining cycle therefore reducing fabrication times.

AAD Ltd Advanced Aluminium Design | Extrusion | Fabrication

The SLK118 has 3 axis control with a travelling capacity along the X axis of 2450mm. This is ideal for machining shorter pieces of extrusion and small components.

AAD Ltd Advanced Aluminium Design | Extrusion | Fabrication

In addition to our machining centres we also have two Elumatec DG104 CNC double headed mitre saws which allow us to perfectly mitre a wide range of sections. Mitred sections can be cut in one operation producing faster fabrication times and therefore reduced costs. Both these saws also have the ability to cut small length components on an automatic feed giving us the capacity to fulfil high volume production runs.

AAD Ltd Advanced Aluminium Design | Extrusion | Fabrication

Our use of Elumatec’s own CAM software (Elucad) helps us to create a 3D visual representation of the workpiece, which allows us to carefully monitor toolpaths and eliminate any issues prior to production. It also helps us to provide more accurate estimates through offline simulations.